Healthy Living Industry

Consumers, healthcare practitioners and governments are quickly realizing that adopting a healthier lifestyle leads to higher quality of life and is essential for reducing exploding healthcare costs. The healthy living industry started as a fringe movement some 30+ years ago, but today is a $1 trillion mainstream industry growing at a rapid pace.

Wellvest has defined the healthy living industry as four growth segments:

  • Natural and Organic Products – including food, beverage, pet care, personal care and home care
  • Nutritional Products – such as vitamins, minerals, supplements, shakes, bars and ingredients
  • Functional Foods and Beverages – such as sports nutrition, energy drinks, weight management products and services, and ingredients.
  • Wellness Information and Technology – such as fitness monitoring and social media-enabled wellness devices and services.

Wellvest believes that the following macro trends will continue to drive growth in the healthy living industry:

  • Public Health Concerns – compelling social issues such as obesity, nutrition, disease prevention and sustainability which are driving demand and high growth rates
  • Demographic Changes – aging consumers who are prepared to spend money on preventative health initiatives, nutrition and food quality
  • Growing Consumer Awareness of Health and Nutrition – high receptivity to innovation, resulting in a high level of innovation in new technologies, ingredients and products